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The history of our house


The Guesthouse is constructed

The former “Villa Seemann” was, upon order of the publisher Arthur Seemann, erected in the Wächterstraße.

Later, the well-known family Ury moved in the mansion. The Ury brothers stem from a traditional Jewish merchant family, who opened in 1896 the first department store in Leipzig, which is todays Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz.

1936 - 1939

Seat of the Polish Consulate General

The Polish consul general resided from 1936 to October 1939 in the mansion. Due to the outbreak of the war the building was shut down by the Nazis and declared Reich-property.


Refuge for Jewish families

In October 1938 an exemplary and historical event happened in Leipzig, through the then Consul General of Poland. The then Consul General Feliks Chiczwewski learned in advance of the deportation plans of the Nazi regime and warned his Jewish compatriots. He urged those who were affected to come with their families to the consulate site, which was considered extraterritorial, and he opened the consulate, as well as his own apartment, for the persecuted. 1296 persecuted found protection in the consulate against forced eviction.

1948 - 2006

Operated through the city of Leipzig

The city used the mansion from 1948 to 2006 as “Guesthouse of the city of Leipzig”.

seit 2006

Modernization & change of ownership

The mansion was sold in 2006 to the current owner, which was later renovated from the ground up and welcomes now as “Gästehaus Leipzig” guests from all over the world.

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The Gästehaus Leipzig is the perfect place to host high-quality conferences and events of similar kind. Our facilities offer space for small to medium sized groups of up to 30 guests. Upon request, we are happy to organize additional services such as buffet, beverages and and individual services.

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